A vision of a cloud

I saw the earth as if I was suspended in space, looking down. A cloud of ‘goodness’ was covering specific places. It was the cloud of glory resting on the people of God. Joy was rising from them and they ‘knew’ in a way they had never known before. I saw these people moving, smoothly and silently, into new places, led and positioned by the Spirit of God. The cloud was forming a covering over them, like a golden garment. But it was a mystery as the garment was both individual and corporate, but there was no earthly way of seeing the difference.

Then I saw a blackness rising up. It was not like the cloud. It was not substance. The blackness seemed to get darker as the cloud spread and thickened over the people. But I knew that the blackness was not really increasing. It was the contrast to the brightness of the cloud that made it seem darker.

I looked and strength emanated from the people as the cloud increased. Water began to seep away under the feet of the people and I sensed that this was fear being washed away. The strength increased as the fear decreased.

I looked on and the cloud was not only spreading outwards but increased in height. At first it was low over the people but as they strengthened the cloud spread upwards. It looked like it was moving up in waves, wave upon wave. But the substance of the cloud did not vary as in an ebb and flow. It was like a multiplication of substance getting wider and higher until it moved beyond the atmosphere of the earth. I then saw the usual ‘map’ of the earth as seen from space change and the earth became brighter and brighter – even brighter than the sun.

I felt concerned that this was the end and I was aware of so many people who would be lost. Even though the cloud was brilliant and powerful, transforming the people of God, I was sad and cried out to God for the lost. Then a peace came and I knew that this was not the end, but the beginning of the end and a glorious time for the earth. The very thing I was crying out for was being fulfilled under the cloud. Fear was gone, strength had come upon the people and many of the lost, many, and many were being drawn to the light and being covered. I could see through the cloud for a moment and it was like looking through a microscope, seeing multiplication upon multiplication.

There wasn’t any part of the earth that wasn’t covered with the cloud but some places were thicker than others. I knew that the presence of God had always covered the earth but that this was a new time, never seen before in such a complete way, when the people of God could see, feel and live in the manifest presence. The unseen real was being seen by vast numbers of God’s people.

I remembered about the cloud of glory in the tabernacle and was amazed that this was the cloud of glory, but it was outside – all over the earth and all over the people. The people were actually part of the cloud and glory and power was revealed in the people and coming from the people.

There was such a contrast between the cloud and the darkness and no-one would be able to say they couldn’t see the difference. The cloud was full of grace and mercy and the cloud was releasing the people, revealing them. Many people were moving to join those under the cloud. Many, many people.

I knew that as the cloud was increasing it would not disperse or fade at a later time, because of the time and season we are in right now. It is the time when the presence of God is revealed and many people are unable to hide from His presence. They are drawn to it. It is not the end.

It is the beginning of the end.



I woke with a vision of the earth again. The cloud was not visibly seen this time, but I knew it was still present and much thicker than before. As I looked the land seemed to be moving, but it was not actually the land that was moving but rather water that was seeping up from the land, as if a pipe had burst underground. The water continued to rise until it was about 18” high and then it stopped. The surface of this water was perfectly still, yet beneath the surface the water was moving powerfully in currents.

Then I could see some of the people lying down in the water, laying down under the water and then standing again. I heard the words ‘manna from earth’ and knew these people were the manna, God’s provision to the earth for this specific time.

The water continued to spread but it did not spread beyond the lands. The waters were separate. However, gradually, everywhere I could see land I could also see the water.

I sensed that as the water was coming up from the land, so the new ‘man’ was emerging from those who had lain in the water and the original purpose for mankind was being restored, on earth, through all those who had lain down in the water.

Then I saw the water again, without sight of any people. The water began to reflect something in the light and the surface began to shine with a reddish brown colour, it was like an oil slick and it spread until it covered all of the water. Light was bouncing off of the water reflecting a glorious pattern in the sky above. I could not even describe the light as colours, although it looked like colours, but no colours ever seen on earth.

As the oil spread on the water it became thicker and the ‘colours’ became stronger. The surface of the oil then began to gradually turn into flame, not in one moment, but rather like a gas burner with each small flame catching separately, then connecting together, until the whole surface was burning.

This water was still around 18” high and I could see the people again, most were oblivious to the ‘burning’ water but some, again, were lying down in it.

As they stood up out of the water, I heard the words ‘restore and rebuild’ being spoken over them and they began to move around, like they were suddenly aware of where to go to, moving from their original positions and sometimes replacing one another. There was an air of excitement and urgency to get into the new places as soon as possible.

Then I noticed that the areas of land were slowly increasing and the areas of sea were decreasing. The sea water was evaporating and the burning water was taking the place of the land. I sensed even the earth was changing as the people were moving. It seemed that eventually the whole earth would be ‘land’ covered by the flaming water.

Again I felt reassured that this was not the end, but the beginning of the end.

~ Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

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