The enemy has separated the prophets from the people. He has sown judgement into truth and used the gift and calling of the prophets to hinder the government of God in this land. For the prophets judge the part they see as the whole truth. They are deceived. So the prophets have become dislocated from the body. This was necessary or the people would be scattered. The Lord longs for the prophets to be healed and restored.

For too long prophets have been prophesying out of their own hearts, filtering the true meaning of the revelation the Lord is giving. Their earthly perspective is true, but it is not the truth, for the fruit of their revelation has not brought life, godliness, righteousness, peace or joy. It has borne disconnection, disassociation and discouragement. They see only from heaven to earth without understanding why Christ came to the earth. The purpose of God’s people on earth is to see earth invaded by heaven and God’s government established. These two perspectives, heaven to earth and earth to heaven have led to division and encampments. Each believing the other’s perspective is distorted. Just as one eye will only see in part so the prophets are seeing with one eye. The eye of the apostle needs to be aligned with the eye of the prophet for the true perspective of God’s vision for the earth. One vision – two eyes – in place of two visions – di-vision between the prophet and the apostle. Restored vision – in balance.

This division must stop. Honour must be restored in the house of God and blessing must be released. Faith must be provoked in the people to believe in the goodness of the Lord being seen in the land of the living.

Apostles at this time are imprisoned in hiddenness and impotence by the stance and voices of the prophets in the land. Mercy has triumphed over judgement and grace and mercy abound over the people of God in the land. This must be the declaration from our hearts. We must refocus our eyes and attune our ears to hear the words of grace and mercy from heaven. Judgement won’t turn hearts – grace and mercy from heaven will.

We need to prophesy to the apostles, calling them forth for this new era. These apostles are not in one place or position; they are in every place where the government of the church on earth is established. Apostles will emerge in the Catholic and Protestant, Charismatic and Evangelical communities.

The onus is on the prophets right now. The burden is waiting to be yoked on the prophets as they humble themselves, allow their wounds to be healed and take their place alongside the emerging apostolic leaders in the land.

~ Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

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