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2018 Messages:

21st April 2018 – Christine Larkin shares a message about God’s Workmanship, Interviews David Hadden. Amy Gill and Danni Face share similar testimonies. What a Joy filled meeting

God’s Workmanship – 21st April 2018.m4a

Amy Gill Testimony -21st April 2018.m4a

Danni Face – 21st April 2018.m4a

Christine Larkin interviews David Hadden – 21st April 2018.m4a

 24th February 2018 – Kay Gill shares with us about Honour

Kay Gill 24th Feb 2018 RH.m4a

20th January 2018 – Jessie shares about stepping out in faith and how God is in control

Jessie Wilde 20th Jan 2018 RH.m4a


2017 Messages:

4th November 2017 – Danni Face shares about Having Hope and Sharing Hope

Danni Face at RH 4th Nov 2017.mp3

24th June 2017 – Christine Larkin shares about Faith and Agreement

Faith and Agreement – Christine Larkin 24th June.mp3

 27th May 2017 – Will Law shares about Strength and Weakness

Will Law Strength and Weakness 27th May 2017.mp3

29th April 2017 – Wendy Wilbraham shares How to Fly in a spiritual context

How to Fly – Wendy Wilbraham.mp3

1st April 2017 – John Larkin shares with us his thoughts during his sabbatical

17 RH 4 John Larkin 1st April 2017.mp3

14th January 2017 – Christine Larkin shares a message about Reformation

(Sound recording not good quality as I had power problems with my laptop (Dan))

2016 Messages:

10th December 2016 – Sue Jupp continues on from last months message with “Discerning what is in us”

12th November 2016 – Christine Larkin shares “What Does God Have To Say About Today? – ‘It Is Good’ “

15th October 2016 – Christine Larkin shares “About Grace Is Working”

15th October 2016 – Will Law shares “About His Time At Bethel And His Upcoming Australia Mission”

17th September 2016 – Phil Orchard shares “Our New Life In Christ”

Phil Orchard 17th September 2016.mp3

11th June 2016 – Trevor Galpin shares “Father Heart and John’s Gospel”

Trevor Galpin 11th June 2016.mp3

7th May 2016 – Wendy and John Wilberham show us what a Simple Pursuit is

Wendy Wilberham 7th May 2016.mp3

John Wilberham 7th May 2016.mp3

Simple Pursuit (Featuring Melodie Malone)

13th February 2016 – Phil Jupp shares “A Journey Through Heaven – An Unseen Realm”

Phil Jupp 13th February 2016.mp3

16th January 2016 – Christine teaches through the words “Reconnection, Reconciliation and Restoration”

Christine Larkin 16th January 2016.mp3

2015 Messages:

12th December 2015 – Sue Jupp shares a seasonally topical message referencing Zachariah and Mary’s Testimonies.

Also During Worship today Jeremy painted the below picture. Dan also had a word during the prayer time for Jeremy before he started his art; “The sound of worship on Earth is seen as Colour in Heaven and Colour in heaven is heard as Worship sound on Earth. For Jeremy the opposite is true, the art of worship on Earth is heard as sound in Heaven and Worship sound in Heaven is seen as Colour here on Earth.”
Restoration House 12th December 2015

Jeremy's Prophetic Art 12th Dec 2015

3rd October 2015 – Christine talks about faith after a wonderful short drama by Phil Jupp, which was not able to be recorded, about putting faith in a chair who he called “Red”. He can be carried, stood on and with faith be sat on.


Christine Larkin 3rd October 2015 RH.mp3


12th September 2015 – Christine welcomes Danielle Face to Restoration House to share about her adventures as a missionary for IRIS Ministries

Danielle Face at Restoration House 12th September 2015.mp3

Also we had David and Ruth Haddon from All Nations Church Leicester.

David & Ruth have been married since 1982 and have three children and one grandson. David, for many years has been involved in mentoring and training worshippers and songwriters. Ruth is involved with intercession and caring for the poor. Both David & Ruth have been on a journey into more of God’s love and intimacy, and they have a passion for others to embrace this lifestyle. Along with that they have a passion to see the growth of a worshipping lifestyle in every believer. (Copied from ANCL website

David led part of the worship time and had two prophetic songs that you can listen to here:

I was born for (Prophetic Song)

Kisses from Heaven (Prophetic Song)


18th April 2015 – Christine welcomes Steve Abley from Burn International and David’s Tent to tell us more about worship

Steve Abley at Restoration House 18th April 2015

7th February 2015 – During worship we focused on the “Sound of Heaven” and …

Christine had a message on the importance of Hope

First Meeting of Restoration House of the year – 10th January 2015

Visitor Tim Eldridge shares a brief message along with a message from Christine Larkin

Jessie Wilde and Grace College share in the second message of the day

Koinonia – Christine Larkin

Koinonia Word – January 2014

The Fatherheart of God – John Macdonald

The Fatherheart of God, Session 01 – John Macdonald

The Fatherheart of God, Session 02 – John Macdonald

The Fatherheart of God, Session 03 – John Macdonald

Prophetic Masterclass – Graham Cooke, John & Christine Larkin

Prophetic Masterclass, Session 01 – Graham Cooke

Prophetic Masterclass, Session 02 – Graham Cooke

Prophetic Masterclass, Session 03 – Christine Larkin

Finding Life – Teresa Conlon

Finding Life, Rising to Seek His Face – Teresa Conlon

Finding Life, Storms and Serpents – Teresa Conlon

Finding Life, Winning the Battle of the Mind – Teresa Conlon

Finding Life, An Unexpected Deliverer – Teresa Conlon

Prophetic Pathways – Peter Prothero & Peter Stott

Prophetic Pathways, Session 01 – Peter Prothero

Prophetic Pathways, Session 02 – Peter Prothero

Prophetic Pathways, Session 03 – Peter Stott

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