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Heike Spreer’s word for Europe

When I prayed for Europe, I saw a bull that was snorting with rage and pawing. He was wild with fury because he couldn’t get Europe. In Greek mythology, the god Zeus turned into a bull and kidnapped and seduced a princess named Europe. This princess was a virgin. God showed me that the devil […]

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Preparing to be a Joseph people

I woke with a vision of a big building with many floors and many rooms. It had an underground car park and angels were guarding each floor. The building was empty but I sensed it was ready to be occupied – just waiting for the right people to come and take possession. Then I kept […]

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The Age of Delusion and a Time of Discernment

I was praying for insight into what was really happening on the earth at this time of unprecedented global economic challenge, as stated by the world media. It was the day of the US President’s inauguration and the TV and radio were full of the euphoria of the day. Many people were seen hailing a […]

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Prophets releasing the Apostolic

The enemy has separated the prophets from the people. He has sown judgement into truth and used the gift and calling of the prophets to hinder the government of God in this land. For the prophets judge the part they see as the whole truth. They are deceived. So the prophets have become dislocated from […]

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The Beginning of the End

A vision of a cloud I saw the earth as if I was suspended in space, looking down. A cloud of ‘goodness’ was covering specific places. It was the cloud of glory resting on the people of God. Joy was rising from them and they ‘knew’ in a way they had never known before. I […]

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Dust Bowl

I saw great waves of dust rolling over the land. It looked like surf but it was all dust. Blowing across the ground. It was like a huge dust ‘storm’ but it was not caused by winds, storms or tornados. It was from the earth. The waves kept rolling – they were no higher than […]

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Two Pathways

As I was praying about the next season I felt strongly that what is coming is not a new season, but a whole new era. A time which is more significant than any other time on earth in terms of the church being shaken into the purposes of God. Seasons will merge as we move […]

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Changing the Guard

Changing of the Guard

In prayer the Lord brought the phrase ‘global government’ to me. That same day I was reading the national newspapers and there was an article on ‘world government’. I spent some days seeking the Lord for more wisdom and revelation on this and as a result I was aware of four key issues that the […]

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A key purpose for the people of God is to know the times and the seasons and know what the people of God should be doing in this time. 1 Chron 12:32 I sense the particular ‘word’ which will be a key to understanding the plans and purposes of God in this time and the […]

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Purification, Preparation and Presentation. I had a vision of three gates opening up. Each gate was directly beyond the other and one would have to pass through in the order they appeared to reach the end. I heard a voice saying ‘Pass through! Pass through the gates! I heard a trumpet call and the voice […]

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