I woke with a vision of a big building with many floors and many rooms. It had an underground car park and angels were guarding each floor. The building was empty but I sensed it was ready to be occupied – just waiting for the right people to come and take possession.

Then I kept getting the words ‘St Joseph’s’. I thought maybe it was a church somewhere. But the words ‘St Joseph’s’ kept coming – urgently and I was not getting the meaning. There was a frustration but an urging by the Spirit to keep asking.

Then I heard ‘it’s about the saints’. What saints? Where are they?

Then I heard – ‘Joseph saints’. Pressing in through prayer in the vision. Understanding was coming. It was about the saints being like Joseph. More questions. What does it mean?

I saw that the building was a community resource, a church, provision centre, school, family centre, training and sending centre – an international centre. There was prayer being carried out on each floor – all different types of prayer. Meetings were being held on each floor, but they were not conferences or usual church type meetings – rather action planning and dynamic gatherings where people were empowered and enthused in their planning.

I saw signs on each floor – pastoral, teaching, evangelism, prophecy and prayer (together) with the top floor having a large sign – STORE HOUSE.

It’s a place of the saints – a place for and built by the saints. A resource centre, an equipping centre; a sending place.

Then the prophetic word came on the back of the vision and the prayers:

The Lord is looking for people who will be like Joseph in these times of trouble in the lands. He is looking for places to be like Joseph Centres with a company of Joseph people who are willing to hear, obey and serve with wisdom, storing up provision for the time of famine. It was a ‘Joseph company’ of people he was calling. Not just one company in one place but those across the nations who have ears to hear and eyes to see what is happening in their land and what the Spirit is guiding them to do to provide ‘food’ in time of famine. They will gather together in key places with a vision to serve without self seeking.

I knew it was all kinds of ‘food’ – spiritual, relational, actual, provision in time of famine. Those who have the Joseph call would not be intimidated by their personal lack or hardship. Like Joseph they would be people who had Joseph experiences and had been tested in the fire. Some were treated unjustly by their brothers, falsely accused, kept hidden in ‘prison’ or forgotten. The key distinction of these Joseph people was that they kept their hearts clear and were not bitter against their ‘brothers’ or crushed by their circumstances.

Joseph saints are being released and revealed across the land. Their life story had been part of the preparation to be catalysts for provision in times of famine. They did not necessarily have the ‘wealth’ themselves but knew how to steward provision as it was released to them.
I saw ‘words’ connected to Joseph:

He was prophetic, pastoral, strategic, wise, righteous, merciful, forgiving, overcomer, servant, governmental leader, called to be a blessing to the nation and beyond. God’s favour was on him so much that even Pharaoh recognised it and benefitted from it. Joseph prepared for more than was needed and had faith for abundance in the time of famine. Not just faith but action based on faith.
I realised that the emerging Joseph Company would be comprised of people who corporately carried these ‘words’.

I sensed that it was about sowing into what seemed an empty place, yet sowing in faith for what is to come

Look out for Joseph people. Call them forth and bless them.

They are those who are releasers and empower others – not self focussed; who have a generous spirit and are servant hearted.

Key people and key places will have a ‘Joseph’ call and anointing.

Only the Holy Spirit can initiate the call to be a ‘Joseph’ but it is a conviction and choice to be God’s solution on the earth when there is no ‘earthly’ answer.

It’s a call but it is also a choice. Any saint can choose to ask for the Joseph anointing but it is a costly choice to put self aside for the blessing of others.

The question is: Will you be a Joseph? Will you prepare a Joseph storehouse with others?

Christine Larkin

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