Invite Christine

If you would like to invite Christine to speak at your church or event, please contact us by filling out the contact form. Take care to fill out the form in its entirety in a clear and concise way. Christine prayerfully considers each invitation, but each year we receive more than three times as many as we are able to accept.

Christine does not have a standard or set charge for events and the ministry is entirely based on faith donations. Typically event hosts would take up an honorarium for Christine, or if they are charging a registration fee they might give Christine a percentage of that fee.

While it is left up to the discretion of the event host as to which direction they take with this, we do ask them to bear in mind that Christine does have a staff to pay each month. However, Christine never accepts invitations based on how much money she believes she will earn. After prayerfully considering each invitation she only takes the ones which she feels led to.