I saw great waves of dust rolling over the land. It looked like surf but it was all dust. Blowing across the ground. It was like a huge dust ‘storm’ but it was not caused by winds, storms or tornados. It was from the earth. The waves kept rolling – they were no higher than buildings or any man made construction and they rolled over everything can could be seen.
It seemed like the dust was in the wake of angelic ‘hordes’ being released over the land, stirring everything and everybody, unsettling them. I saw many people being lifted and put down in different positions or places.

Then I could see the outline of horses’ hooves in the dust – galloping across the ground. But the horses’ hooves did not cause the dust. I could see angelic hosts above the horses, but they were not riding them. They were accompanying them.

As these waves rolled I could see figures running around and I knew that the dust was coming from the figures – people who were stirred up, shaken up, disorientated. There was a lot of running around, people rushing in confusion.

There was a stirring up of all that was ‘earthly’ and it was the pre-ordained ‘time’ for this to happen. Yet it was also a response to the prayers of the many saints who had cried out for healing in the land. The prayers were not being answered in the way they had thought and to some it seemed a terrible thing, even the work of the enemy. But it was the Lord’s mercy being released. All that was built on man-made structures was suddenly ‘seen’ and then blown away, leaving level, clear places.

I realised that the angels and horses were sent to stir up everything that was neither in the right place, position or purpose nor in the right heart attitude. So I knew that the stirring was a good thing, but it didn’t seem like that to watch and it certainly wouldn’t have felt good to the people who were in the middle of the waves.

I saw ‘buildings’ crumbling in the dust and lots of paper flying around. Through the dust I could see pinpoints of the most amazing light – pinpoints of glory. Some lights stayed in their place during the dust waves but others seemed to move ahead of the waves.

I asked the Lord what it meant and He said that His plans and purposes for time on earth now have moved into a new time. The planned time. Time had ‘slipped’. For this time He had to have His people right – in the right place, with the right people and in right relationship with Him and the Body.

So He sent his angels to minister the stirring up of the people. But the dust was not from the angels, it was the earthly things being stirred up and blown away.

He said that many in this time will be repositioned or have radical changes in circumstances or situations. Old mindsets and even godly desires will be swept away to prepare for this time on earth – which is ordained from heaven.

After the dust had been stirred up there was a time of seeming silence and emptiness – but this too was the Lord and the emptiness was filled with a desire for God and His will alone – and nothing of the earth (dust).

Then a great silence, a stillness, a ‘moment’ occurred. The moment was for a response.

After the response, movement slowly began to be seen and people emerged. It looked like they were in Red Cross uniforms moving across a battlefield after a great battle. People of comfort and hope emerged first. Words of encouragement were bringing restoration and courage to rebuild out of the emptiness and devastation. Many repairers and restorers then appeared. The devastation was most seen in those who had been captive to religious structures which did not bring life – and many of these came from ‘surprising’ places.

The purpose of the horses was to trample the earth so the people could see what was of dust and what was of the Lord. So much dust was thrown up. The pinpoints of glory were the things of heaven which were established on earth. Some of the things were established and needed to stay ‘behind’; others were to carry forward into the new time as they had yet to reach completion. However, I knew that some of those ‘lights’ which stayed behind also had not reached completion, but that the time had passed and they needed to be left as they did not ‘fit’ what was coming.

Any of these ‘lights’ in the future would be through a different means and those who were holding on to them needed to let go or stay behind. They would stay in their present places, still holding the ‘glory’ of God.

I asked the Lord what people should do when the dust was rising and He said “What do you do in a dust storm? You should cover your eyes, ears and mouths. This will keep them clear, so vision, hearing and testimony are not distorted. It will also stop premature words being released. Words will come later. After the dust has passed I will move in hearts and speak my secret plans and mysteries, so the people might not be deceived or confused during the dust storm and will have courage and strength to move forward with me.

The prophets will speak when the dust has settled, for what is really happening during the dust storm is not to be spoken about. Much challenge, repentance and purification will take place in the dust. Much grace and mercy will be released. Hearts will be revealed.”

I knew it would be a shock and a loss to those who had been busy building structures and plans. Many structures which fulfilled God’s purposes in the past will be redundant in this new time. The structure the Lord is ordaining for the new time is built first on relationship with function following. Just as God is relational first and out of relationship life comes. Who we are together will determine what we do, not what we do signifying who we are.

There is no lack of things to do but there is a famine of true fellowship. Fellowships of the heart will emerge from the dust storm. It will seem like all that is left from our old way is a heart to serve God. There will be no obvious form or structure to hide under. The Spirit will lead and guide, gather and reposition the people, ready for what it coming.

Only God can do this.

~ Christine Larkin

Christine Larkin

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