Purification, Preparation and Presentation.

I had a vision of three gates opening up. Each gate was directly beyond the other and one would have to pass through in the order they appeared to reach the end.

I heard a voice saying ‘Pass through! Pass through the gates! I heard a trumpet call and the voice saying ‘It’s time for the church to wake from slumber and arise’. You can choose to the go through the gates. It’s your choice. It’s time to prepare for spiritual re-positioning.’

The first gate leads to an area of Preparation. This is a time of review, reflection and renewal of the plans and purposes which we have set in our lives. This is the time and place of a determined, sustained, personal choice to submit to the will of God, even in things that were previously ordained and blessed by Him. It’s impact will result in a willingness to put off the fleshly things which have held people back from the fullness and abundance of God’s purposes: personal discipline in every area of life. It’s a time of re-ordering – personally and corporately. Things that have been bondages and burdens for many years, even generations, will be loosed during this time. It’s a time of confession, reconciliation and restoration and relationships that were lost will be restored.

Many will find that faces from the past will reconnect and the opportunity for restoration will be revealed. Prepared hearts will be willing to embrace repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation. This is a crucial time as it is the Lord’s rearrangement and restoration in line with his purposes for the time. We must be open and alert to see His hand and willing to do whatever it takes to get right in ourselves and with one another.

Signs and fruit of this time will be extensive reports of relationships restored and testimonies of freedom being released in every area of people’s lives. Many plans and purposes will be refined, released or replaced by the new revelation which will come to individuals and the wider Body.

The second gate leads to an area of Purification. This is consequent on passing through the first gate. It is the time and place of setting apart, seeking the Lord and falling before Him with open hearts and minds. A time of deep cleansing of our hearts, thinking processes, emotions and wills. A time of presenting bodies as sacrifices – plans, dreams, visions, hopes and even God-given callings will be laid on the altar as worship to Him. It’s an Isaac time of unconditional obedience. There will be unusual grace for prayer and fasting. Lives will be transformed during this time, as the Lord will come with fire – purifying and sealing His people.

Signs and fruit of this time will be a genuine unity and a preferring of one another. Hearts will be turned – sons to fathers, elder to younger, wounded to wounder and joy will be evident.

The third gate leads to an area of Presentation. This, again, is consequent, on passing through the previous gate. It is the time and place of being revealed. The people of God who have been largely hidden, misrepresented and, misunderstood in and by the world will be exposed. The world will then see and respond and many will come into the Kingdom because they see the signs and fruit and want to receive the love, freedom and joy, which are revealed to them and because of the unity of the believers. There will be many Sauls in the world who will become Pauls in the Kingdom. As the church is revealed so light will shine on sin and shame in high places in the lands – governments and rulers on earth will be also revealed and exposed and re-positioning will happen at all levels. The very name of Jesus Christ will be banned from being spoken in governmental places.

But at the same time there will be a strong reaction from others who will be full of anger and rage and much will be thrown at people to try and restrict and contain truth. Some of this anger will come from within the church and there will be exceptional grace to minister grace to brothers and sisters. It will seem for a time like there are two churches operating side by side but it is all part of the time and season for God’s purposes to be revealed and established in His people on earth.

Each gate will require different choices and each choice will have speedy consequences. Choices will be like seeds sown and quickly grown and harvested. Prayerful consideration will be needed over choices. Even small choices and decisions will be significant.

The signs and fruit of this time will be a church which is not afraid to speak or be seen. Signs of courage, strength and power with signs and wonders as the Lord is revealed through His people.

Preparation, Purification, Presentation – three consequential, transforming experiences which the Lord has planned for His church in the next season. Individuals, church and wider will be provoked to enter, by choice, the times of transformation in each phase.

There is urgency in the Spirit as the world moves increasingly towards disorder and chaos. The Lord is calling order back into individual lives, gathered groups, churches, networks, denominations and all who are called by His Name.

This re-ordering will necessitate willingness for change in every area of our lives – mind, will, emotions, finances, relationships, work, ministry, play …. every area of our lives in preparation for the coming times in the purposes of God.

Christine Larkin

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