Heike Spreer’s word for Europe

When I prayed for Europe, I saw a bull that was snorting with rage and pawing. He was wild with fury because he couldn’t get Europe.

In Greek mythology, the god Zeus turned into a bull and kidnapped and seduced a princess named Europe. This princess was a virgin. God showed me that the devil is furious because he cannot seduce the European continent that he felt so sure about.

Europe is like a virgin, a bride, who is setting herself apart for the Lord and seeking Him. Europe belongs to Jesus!

About half a year before, I had had a picture of an army of God that was marching in harmony. It consisted of soldiers who were wearing bridal jewellery and were spread all over Europe. Even though they didn’t know anything about one another, they were marching in perfect unity. Every time their boots were touching the ground, there was a tremor and something in the spiritual realm shifted.

The key to their unity was that each and every single one of them was absolutely close to the heartbeat of the Father and had an intense, intimate relationship with Jesus. The heartbeat of God was thus giving the beat for the steps of the soldiers. This way, they could all together move something in Europe.

Us Christians in Europe are the bride who has been promised to and set apart for the Lord. Let us be really close to His heartbeat and go after His Presence – in this way we can move something in Europe and the army of God will grow…


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