Word for 2016: Reconnection, Reconciliation and Restoration

I heard the phrase ‘all change’ and sensed the Lord was going to cause 2016 to be focus on relationships.  He is moving to bring ordained glory for this time into relationships within His people and from His people. Signs of this will be unexpected desires to reconnect, reconcile and restore relationally.  The desire in the people will be for what was known before but God’s desire is for what He has ordained for now in those relationships.  He will bring a new context for those relationships.  It is not about restoration of the sake of it but for His purposes, wider purposes, on the earth right now.  There will be much fruit from what seems like small measures of restoration.  This will be His glory upon His people.  As well as unexpected desires rising up in hearts to reconnect with specific people, so there will be unexpected reconnections occurring.  This is such a joy of desire in God’s own heart and it will be manifest in the hearts of His people who hear and response to the promptings for reconnection or the choices when reconnections are facing them unexpectedly.

God is prompting by His Spirit, stirring up desires for connections and then stirring us to respond, causing us to give attention to those God-given desires, by choosing to act upon them.  It is about having ears to hear and eyes to see what the Spirit is saying and doing and then responding in faith.

It will be easy for some who will find an amazing ease to embrace re-connections and they will have joy in that.  For others it will be a case of choice, of sacrifice.  There may be awkwardness, embarrassment, offences to deal with, inconvenience, lack of ‘words’ to say, but as their sacrifices are made so much more will be their joy.

Life will flow from these reconnections, beyond the specific, individual, personal, reconnection, flowing out into the wider Body and then into the world.  The fruit will be seen beyond the actual reconnections. It will impact widely, across time, geography, understanding, and human ability, leading to a shift in the corporate expression of God’s people among themselves, between themselves and into the world.

The initial responses to these reconnections will build into a new enthusiasm for relationship, an excitement and anticipation that God is at work in the church and specific faith for more restoration. It will start in the church but the spirit of restoration and reconciliation that is upon the church will spill out into the world, wherever, God’s people are engaged with the joy of this (His) reconnection.  Joy will be seen in the world, Christ being revealed in and through the hearts of His people, light shining in the darkness.

In the past decades there has been a focus on individual healing and restoration and there has been much fruit of this for individuals.  Now is the time for a corporate healing, inspired and led by the Spirit of God, for His people to be restored and reconciled, in preparation for what is ahead and for the glory in the people of God to be revealed to ‘all creation’.

Romans 8:19

Christine Larkin  December 2015



Reconnection, Reconciliation and Restoration

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