Summer 2014

This summer has been a delight as we saw the arrival of our sixth grandchild, Grace Sophia Larkin.

Christine has been finishing her writing and recording of the Word of Life series which is available on this website. She also had the pleasure of going to Christus Gemeinde church in Duisburg, Germany led by Martin and Heike Spreer. Heike has a prophetic ministry and we have added a significant word she had to our Prophecies page.

Chris and Tim Eldridge are excited about developing links with Europe and they continue to gather with some anointed young people as part of the ‘Dialogue’ meetings in London.

Hermie Santos leads Restoration House church in Portsmouth and she hosts Sunday afternoon meetings at Oasis Elim church in Portsmouth. Hermie is a passionate evangelist and revivalist who is excited about everything that God is doing. She is a joy to all who meet her and when Hermie prays things happen!

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