August 2012

This summer has been a time of reconnections and new connections. In July we met up with Graham and Teresa Cooke and had a great time of envisioning and being challenged to move in a new level of faith in the new season. We hope to go out to stay with them in California later this year as well as visit our friends in Nashville.

We had a joyous time in Malta at the Fatherheart school run by Trevor and Linda Galpin. Our good friends David and Liz Webster were also part of the ministry team and so we had a great time of fellowship as well as outstanding teaching in a most beautiful venue overlooking the island. So many of us in Restoration House are connected to the Fatherheart ministry we are wondering if we will have a base here in the south. Ruth Quinney, one of our team, has just left for a five month trip to New Zealand to take the ‘long’ Fatherheart school with James Jordan and team. The message of the Father’s love is one that we long to embrace and experience more and more and so we are encouraged by such excellent ministry.

Christine has been asked to present the Word of Life seminar programme to a church in east Hampshire and had a prophetic word that this programme of Word and Spirit discipleship would go wider and even to the nations. So we are blessed to have favour in this area.
In July Christine spent a retreat week in Norway and made some strategic connections with pastors in Romania and Israel. She will be returning to Norway twice in September to speak at a prayer leaders gathering and a Lutheran pastors’ retreat. In 2013 she will also go to Romania and minister in orthodox churches.

Restoration House has developed into varied expressions of church as increasing numbers join for our monthly Saturday fellowship gatherings, which are open to all from any church or denomination to provide a place of friendship and fellowship with others. We have a meal together followed by worship, prayer, teaching, ministry…. whatever the Holy Spirit leads us to do.

Christine Larkin, 28/08/2012

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